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Mount Harriet, Andaman

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Mount Harriet Island National Park is found in the Andaman and Nicobar islands in the Ferrargunj tehsil. It is a national park, spread over an area of 46.62 sq km and is also considered as Andaman and Nicobar Island’s highest point. For the Britishers staying in these island, the national park was considered as a famous picnic spot.

The place has the name from the name of Robert Christopher Tytler’s wife. He was the soldier in the British forces, who was appointed as officiating Superintendent of the Convict Settlement in the Port Blair region, because of his knowledge of nature and passion for photography, from the year of 1862 till 1864.

The park is well known for the animals such as saltwater crocodiles, wild pigs, robber crab and turtles.

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