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Things to Do on Water

The first place to start is not on land, but in the water. Whether it’s diving within rich coral reefs, going for a game fishing tour, experiencing a sunset view, experiencing the first ever sea walking tour or going on a snorkeling expedition, you’ll find some of Andaman Island’s biggest surprises out at sea.

Unless you’ve been here, you really haven’t experienced the underwater world. You see, these islands are among the only places on Earth where the water is so clear, with a good visibility. The ocean water surrounding the Islands Of The Anadaman's is incredible in its variety of hues and its clarity. You can easily spot Coral Reefs, explore shipwrecks and be amazed by schools of colorful fish. Whether you’re into boating, sailing, diving, snorkeling or fishing, this really is the best place in the world to do them all.

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